Tamannaah Bhatia on social media toxicity: I wish we go back to putting our best, sugar-coated version online – regional movies

Given the pandemic when people should be more empathetic towards each other, it’s the growing toxicity on social media that has taken over becoming a concern, especially for actors, who have to deal with constant trolling. Actor Tamannaah Bhatia feels that it’s time we get back to showing our good side online.

“I used to think why do people always present best parts of their lives on social media and why is it so sugar-coated? But today, sitting at home in these trying times, when I see so much negativity, I actually wish they go back to the sugar-coated stuff. We need to spread a lot more positivity around because we’ve never seen such difficult times before,” she opines.

Not just on social media, the actor feels there’s so much negativity on online platforms in general, which needs to end.

“I don’t even understand why so much hate? Strong influencers should go back to being entertaining. Social media is a great too. It impacts a lot of people, more so now when we’re using it to stay connected with each other. It’s entirely up to us to make these platforms empowering,” adds the 30-year-old. 

Talking about toxicity, one can’t possibly overlook the concern being raised around mental health during the pandemic. Highlighting the importance of maintaining sanity, Bhatia feels it’s easier said than done.

She reasons, “Everyone has different circumstances, but remember this is a passing phase. Though it’s a strange and unexpected one, we’re all going through this together. We need to view it like that and hold up.”

The Baahubali actor further explains her point citing the trend of being productive on social media and how it has become a sort of a pressure, especially during these trying times when people have a lot of free time at hand.

“Many people have expressed curiosity as to how I am being productive. This expectation people have on us, and the ones that we create for ourselves, affects us. We all are fighting our own economic and emotional battles, so, please go easy on others and yourself. Don’t get bogged down by unrealistic expectations,” concludes the actor.

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