Days after Being Discharged from Covid-19 Centre, Pune Centenarian Woman Passes Away

A 100-year-old woman, who had “recovered” from COVID-19 and discharged from a facility in Pune three days ago, died at home on Friday, family members said.

The woman and four other members of her family were admitted at a COVID-19 facility at Vimannagar in Pune on July 20 after they tested positive for the infection.

On July 28, the centenarian and other members of her family were discharged from the facility after “recovering” from the infection.

The woman’s son-in-law said she had almost stopped consuming solid food and was mostly on a liquid diet. “During her treatment also, she was on a liquid diet and her movement was restricted and today she died at home,” he said.

According to doctors from the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), when brought to the facility, the woman did not have any COVID-19 symptoms and her oxygen saturation was also normal.

But after a couple of days, her oxygen level dropped and doctors decided to shift her to a bigger hospital.

“However, due to some reasons, the said hospital did not get her admitted. She was brought back to the CCC (COVID Care Centre) facility, where she received required treatment and her condition stabilised,” Dr Ramchandra Hankare, Chief Health Officer, PMC, had said.

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