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In a shocking development, the teachers at a reputed school in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut have accused the school management of not paying them salary for a long time, adding that the school management behave in indecent manners with women teachers when they demand salary.

Not only this, some teachers have accused the management of sexual abuse and told that the management has also installed spy cameras in the toilets meant for females. 
Apart from this, some teachers also said that when a woman does not come under the control of management,they also take help of witchcraft.

The women teachers of Rishabh Academy School located in Sadar Bazar, Meerut, have accused school secretary Rajneet Jain and his son Abhinav of not giving their salary and sexually assaulting them. The teachers have also claimed that Ranjeet and his son are involved in embezzlement of huge amount of money.

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The teachers protested at the school and then they went to the police station to register their complaint.

According to teachers, Ranjit and Abhinav have installed cameras in the toilet of the school and have taken objectionable videos and pictures of them. The teachers claimed that the father-son duo are now using these pictures and videos to blackmail them and forcing the teachers to have a physical relationship with them.

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