The inside story of Kanpur ambush: How UP don Vikas Dubey used cops to expand empire

Vikas Dubey, the infamous historysheeter whose attempted arrest led to a fierce gun battle in which eight cops died in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur early on Friday, had received a tip-off hours before the police raid, his accomplice Daya Shankar Agnihotri has revealed.

Agnihotri, who was inside Dubey’s house during the encounter, was arrested on Sunday morning following a brief encounter with the police in Kanpur. The UP Police has suspended SHO Vinay Tiwari for his alleged connivance in tipping-off Dubey.

Sources said Tiwari was grilled by the Special Task Force (STF) on Friday evening over the suspicion that he had tipped-off Dubey about the raid.

Agnihotri has told the police that Dubey had received a phone call, likely from the police station, before the cops reached Bikru village to arrest the gangster. After Dubey received the tip-off, he called around 25-30 of his men who later ambushed the police team as it approached his house.

Agnihotri has also claimed that he was locked inside the house when Dubey and his men attacked the police personnel. “I saw nothing,” Agnihotri said.

He has also revealed that the gang members used to gather in a garden near the village. Meanwhile, the Kanpur Police has issued a detailed press release on the encounter. The police have said that the SSP had a narrow escape as he was wearing a bulletproof jacket. The IG also narrowly survived in the encounter.

As the eight policemen, who walked into a trap set by Dubey and fell to a hail of bullets fired from rooftops, were given a tearful farewell, cops began demolishing the criminal’s lavish hideout.

On Saturday, a large police contingent kept a vigil as Dubey’s house was being demolished by the same earthmover which was used in the ambush by the criminals. Before the demolition, his father and a domestic help were evicted from the premises.

Phone call details spill the beans

Dubey’s call details have revealed that he was in touch with at least 24 policemen including an officer, some cops from Chaubeypur and Shivrajpur police stations.

The investigation has also revealed that Dubey had 60 cases pending against him but his name was never included in the list of top criminals that had been sent to the police headquarters by the STF. Besides, his gang had not been “registered”.

He used ‘government’ car

Meanwhile, the Lucknow Police has recovered a ‘government’ vehicle from his brother’s house. Dubey’s brother, Deep Prakash, had purchased the Ambassador car in an auction in 2014 at the Governor’s House but never got it transferred in his name. To evade detection, he did not even get its fitness certification made for the past seven years and evaded taxes.

In 2004, the Ambassador car in question was purchased by the state government and was registered in the name of the Governor’s principal secretary. After using it for 10 years, the government auctioned the car in 2014. The police said Dubey used the vehicle to roam around and give the impression that it was provided to him by the government. Police sources say Dubey would use the Ambassador car to meet politicians and government officers.

The police have also seized another car of the same make and a bulletproof vehicle.

In-house bunker

The Kanpur Police has revealed that Dubey had a bunker in his house which he used to store weapons and explosives.

Kanpur IG Mohit Agarwal told India Today TV that large quantities of explosives have been recovered from Dubey’s residence and detailed information on the same will be given soon.

Agarwal said 200-300 shots were fired by the criminals. Five police weapons including an AK-47, an Insaas rifle and three pistols were also looted by Dubey and his henchmen. Of these, the police have recovered a pistol.

The barbarism

The autopsy of the eight policemen who were killed has provided several gory details. Dubey’s men severed Billhaur Circle Officer (CO) Devendra Mishra’s head with an axe. His toes were cut-off from his feet and his body was mutilated, autopsy details have revealed.

The manhunt

A total of 25 police teams have fanned out across Uttar Pradesh and other states to hunt down Dubey and his associates, officials said. Dubey’s last location has been traced to Auraiya in Uttar Pradesh. The police suspect him to have fled to Madhya Pradesh. The UP Police has announced a reward of Rs 50,000 for information leading to his arrest. An official also said there was a possibility that Dubey may have fled to Nepal. He was named an accused in the murder of BJP leader Santosh Shukla, inside a police station in 2001 but was acquitted.

(With inputs from Ashish Srivastava)

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