New emojis: Here are 5 new emojis coming to your phone to describe the year 2020

There is hardly anything to debate if someone calls 2020 as the worst year in recent times. And if you look at social media trends, it seems almost everyone is blaming the year 2020 for whatever bad that happens around them. Now, in order to describe your feelings about the year 2020, there are five emojis that will arrive in your phone. But the thing is you will have to wait until 2021 for them, as per a report by The Verge.
Unicode Consortium has approved five different types of emojis to help you describe your feelings. These emojis are
-‘Face in cloud’ suggesting absentminded, face in clouds, face in the fog, head in clouds
-‘Face exhaling’ suggesting gasp, groan, relief, whisper
-’Face with spiral eyes’ suggesting hypnotised, spiral, trouble, whoa
-’Heart on fire’ suggesting all that you wanted in 2020 but couldn’t
-’Mending heart’ suggesting that things are improving

Of course, you can use these emojis in any context that you want to. Also, Unicode Consortium is not officially saying that these emojis are dedicated to the year 2020. Having said that these emojis are created keeping in mind the roller coaster ride of 2020 for the entire world.
You also have all general expressions of anger, confusion, the ones with X eyes and others but if you are still looking for a specific emoji to describe 2020 then be assured that emotions related to 2020 have not gone unnoticed by emoji creators and they are about to come.

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