tiktok rival: 7 things to know about Instagram’s new TikTok rival, Reels

tiktok rival: 7 things to know about Instagram’s new TikTok rival, Reels

Facebook-owned photo sharing platform Instagram has launched its TikTok-like platform in India called Reels. The platform has been launched as part of the Instagram app only and doesn’t require users to download a separate app. If you are wondering how to start using the new feature, here is all you need to know about Instagram Reels:
Available for both Android and iOS users
The feature is visible for both Android and iPhone users of the Instagram app.
You can create 15-seconds videos on Reels
With Reels you can make short videos of up to 15 seconds. These can be done within the Instagram camera section.
You can post Reels in either your Feed or as Stories
Reels you post to Feed will appear in the Reels tab on your Instagram profile. The ones that you post in Stories will disappear in 24 hours and won’t appear on your profile.
You can edit Reels in Instagram app only using effects, audio and more
While creating these Reels, you will get the option to edit them using different AR effects and music — both original and from the Instagram music library.
Who can see your Reels post on Instagram if you have a public account
If your account is set to Public, anyone on the Instagram app will be able to see and share your Reels. These will appear on the Explore section, and depending on the effects, hashtag and audio you choose, they will appear there too.
Who can see your Reels post on Instagram if you have a private account
If your account is set to Private, then only those who follow you will be able to see the Reels you create. Just as it is in case of your current posts, only your followers will be able to share them with your other followers.
What are Featured Reels
As per the company, Reels that a lot of people may like and are from a wide range of creators may get the ‘Featured’ tag. These featured Reels will be chosen from Public accounts only.

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