usa: Adventurous road trip, unexpected terrains in Silver State: Ultimate travel guide to Nevada

usa: Adventurous road trip, unexpected terrains in Silver State: Ultimate travel guide to Nevada

Nevada, the USA‘s seventh-largest state, is a playground for dreamers and doers.The state’s well-rounded landscape and culture are tailor-made for fun adventures and enriching escapes. In addition to the dazzling metropolitan backdrop of Las Vegas, visitors will find more than 300 hot springs, 600-plus ghost towns, and a variety of music and arts festivals. Nevada lets you chase any kind of adventure.



Spring Mountains National Recreation Area, Las Vegas.

Start your journey in the entertainment mecca of Las Vegas. Meander through neon-lit streets to soak up its vivacious metropolitan vibe.

Branch out to explore the state, which features diverse terrains ranging from the Mojave Desert to the snow-capped mountains of Great Basin National Park.

In Southern Nevada, explore the Spring Mountains and the area surrounding Mount Charleston.


Free-Range Art Highway – En route from Las Vegas to Tonopah to Reno, a number of colourful stops await.The road trip, perfect for avid social media users, offers ample opportunity to capture unique and unrestrained art for incredible selfie ops.

Fremont Street, Las Vegas.Agencies

Fremont Street, Las Vegas.

Loneliest Road in America – The stretch of U.S. Route 50 that traverses central Nevada is one of the state’s most scenic corridors. Enjoy a dip in hot springs and listen to stories about Pony Express riders,wagon trains and those on a quest for riches.

Lake Tahoe Loop – Discover the beauty of Lake Tahoe, North America’s largest alpine lake. Go skiing on snowy slopes and take in stunning lake views.

Mount Charleston Scenic Byway.Agencies

Mount Charleston Scenic Byway.

Cowboy Corridor – For a piece of authentic culture, a drive along Interstate 80 lets you discover lively,welcoming communities steeped in Nevada’s history, in addition to plenty of exciting present-day attractions. The many mountain ranges form a scenic background along the route, including the famously stunning Ruby Mountains, rising over Elko.

Great Basin Highway – On Nevada’s eastern edge, tour sandstone canyons, alpine lakes, quirky towns and many fascinating natural wonders.

Extraterrestrial Highway – One of the most intriguing drives in the USA, the Extraterrestrial Highway features everything from unusual roadside vantage stops.The uninterrupted wilderness north of the route and a belief in alien life lies at the heart of the experience.

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