Derpy doggo finds phone in park, leaves selfie on it that’s melting netizens’ hearts – it s viral

An adorable doggo named Buddy seems to be living up to his name. He just did one of the friendliest things he could when he found a lost phone. And chances are his sweet deed and its result will make you go aww.

A post shared on Twitter, by wholesome doggo content page WeRateDogs, details how Buddy promptly clicked a selfie when he found a phone in the park. The picture shows Buddy looking at the camera with a tiny portion of his tongue hanging out of his mouth. The derpy photo has captured the heart of netizens as well as other doggos of Twitter.

“This is Buddy. He found a phone in the park and decided to leave a selfie on it. 12/10,” reads the caption. Because the only thing better than finding your lost phone is finding a selfie of a cute doggo in it.

Take a look at the photo:

Posted on July 31, the adorable selfie has garnered over 1.2 lakh likes and tons of comments from netizens. While some couldn’t stop gushing at the perfect selfie, others dropped in several examples of other selfie-loving doggos. Several doggos also extended their paws of friendship to Buddy. 

What are your thoughts on this perfect selfie?

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