Responses to Netflix India’s ‘wrong answers only’ post may leave you in fits. Seen it yet? – it s viral

Netflix India’s Instagram page often shares posts that excite and entertain netizens. Their latest ‘wrong answers only’ post is no different and has created a buzz among Instagram users. The responses to this share may make you giggle, as well.

A still from the 1999 film Hum Saath Saath Hain was shared on Netflix India’s official Instagram page on September 14. The photograph shows actors Saif Ali Khan, Mohnish Bahl and Salman Khan as Vinod, Vivek and Prem, respectively. The image is from the film’s song Ye Toh Sach Hai Ki Bhagwan Hai, in which the three brothers sing a song for their parents. Mohnish Bahl holds onto the microphone while Salman Khan is seen holding a guitar. Saif Ali Khan, on the other hand, is playing the drums.

“Name the band. Wrong answers only,” reads the text shared alongside the image.

Check out the post which has already garnered over 93,200 likes.

Since being shared on the photo and video sharing platform, this post has garnered a diverse set of hilarious responses.

Here is how Instagram users responded to Netflix India’s request to name the band but with wrong answers only. One person said, “Green Day”. Another individual wrote, “One Direction”.

“BTS,” read one comment under the post. Somebody else proclaimed, “Metallica”. “Beetles,” declared another Instagram user.

This isn’t the first time Netflix India has used a still from Hum Saath Saath Hain for the ‘wrong answers only’ trend. In March, they posted this image and asked people to guess the movie but only incorrectly. That, too, led to some rather funny responses.

What are your thoughts on this share?

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  1. OMG! Have you seen Enola Holmes? You can watch it on Netflix if you haven’t already. I can never get enough of Millie Bobby Brown! I loved her in Stranger things and she’s even better in this.

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